University of Alabama head football coach Nick Saban recently spoke about his leadership philosophy at the American Football Coaches Association’s 2019 convention in San Antonio, Texas. He stressed that good coaches have real, meaningful relationships with the members of their team. The truth is that Saban’s historic on-the-field success has come in part due to how he treats his players off-the-field. He motivated coaches across the nation to do the same, saying that if you treat players right, good things will follow.


“There are three guys that played for me at Michigan State way back when, standing back here waiting to see me. And I’m happy to see them, and I’m concerned about them,” he told the convention attendees. “Because they weren’t my guys for three years, four years or five years. They’re my guys forever. And that’s the way we should all feel about what we do.”


Saban added that he believes coaches have “a responsibility and an obligation to help” their players. He said, “They need us. I mean, how many guys do you coach that have two parents at home? How many guys do you coach that don’t have any parents at home? That’s us. That’s who we are. That’s what we need to take responsibility for and be there.”


“And there’s really only one way you can do it: Develop relationships with these people. You gotta develop relationships,” Saban continued. “How much time do you spend developing relationships with your players?”

Saban then said that while he can and does give inspiring speeches to his team as a group in order to motivate them, it is individual conversations and relationship-building that has the most positive impact on-the-field and off of it.


“If I’m going to talk to a group of guys, they may or may not listen. I may make all the right points, but if you make it about them and you sit down and have that relationship with them, they’re going to respond to you. Because these players don’t do what you tell them just because you tell them to do it. They don’t do that anymore. I would do that when I played, alright. But they don’t do that anymore. You gotta have a relationship with them. They gotta trust you, they gotta respect you, and you gotta build that,” Saban explained.


Similarly, we need to build relationally with people in discipleship. Jesus invested three years of his life into the disciples, and they became the foundation for a global movement that is still making an impact today. A meaningful relationship doesn’t happen accidentally, it takes intentional effort and consistency. Let’s do our part and invest quality time in the people God has placed in our lives.

Discussion Questions:

·      What stood out to you from Nick Saban’s speech?

·      Who is God calling you to building relationally with in discipleship? What practical step will you take to make this happen consistently?


·      Pray specifically for the person God has placed on your heart to build with.

·      Pray that our members would make consistent time in the week to build relationships and make disciples.



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Main Campus - Worship Hall
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• Freedom Weekend – This powerful class is designed to allow God to speak His truth to us, draw closer to us, and transform us in a powerful way. The goal of this class is to help us arise out of our sin and its effects, into a new life of freedom and victory.

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