Small groups are the primary means for discipleship at Pearlside. The following 10 practices, when consistently applied in the context of small group, will create an environment that leads to fruitfulness and growth in discipleship.


1.    The leaders are PREPARED by reviewing and understanding the GG guide and preparing their responses to the questions. 

2.    There is a healthy relational ATMOSPHERE before the meeting starts and after it ends. New people are made to feel comfortable. 

3.    The group meeting starts and ends at a DESIGNATED time. (1-1.15 hrs max)

4.    The group SIZE is managed to ensure everyone is comfortable and participates.  

5.    The Grace Group Discussion Guide is used and the group leader keeps the group on TOPIC.

6.    The main thought and passages are clearly understood by everyone. Everyone ENGAGES in the discussion.  

7.    The TRIPOD sets the tone for transparency.

8.    Personal takeaways and APPLICATIONS are clear for each person.

9.    The group closes in prayer being SENSITIVE to the new people in the group.

10.  Discipleship of new people happens OUTSIDE of the group meetings using approved materials (PDL, O2O, PB, etc.)


Discussion Question:

  • Which of these best practices do you most need to apply to your leadership and why? 


  • Pray that our members would make consistent time in the week to be a disciple and to make disciples.