The purpose of Pearlside's Ministry Handbook is to equip and empower leaders to care and minister to reach people with the love of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

The procedures and practices outlined in this handbook are based on the truth of God's Word, guidance of the Holy Spirit, and the years of wisdom and experience of seasoned ministers who have gone before us. 

We believe the information presented here will be helpful when linked with prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit. At times, your willingness and preparation to minister and care for people in a general circumstance will be further "tweaked" by the Holy Spirit for specific "spontaneous" acts of faith (e.g. words of prayer and encouragement, timing, silence, etc.). Sometimes this can happen when you will set foot on location. Some have called it "onsite insight." Be ready to go with what you prepared, but also ready to flow with the Holy Spirit. 

Water Baptisms

Baptism of The Holy Spirit

Hospital Visitations


Home Blessings

Baby Dedications

Ministering To Those In Crisis