• Gather one or two others to come along. They can lend additional support, presence, and discernment. It is also a good training opportunity for them and a way to equip others to bless homes. (Matthew 18:18-20)   
  • Call to confirm the day, time, location, and the number of team members coming. Its best to call just prior to departing for the    appointment so the homeowners can make final preparations to receive you and those accompanying you.


  • Warmly connect with the homeowners.   
  • Gather everyone together and read Psalm 127 aloud.   
  • Pray God’s protection over all the entrances to the home. If you have anointing oil, it is also nice to dab some over top and    along sides of the doorways (like a triangle).   
  • Visit each room and pray for God’s protection, presence, and blessing over each one. Pray also for those who reside in each room by name.   
  • Use your authority as a believer to firmly command all evil presence to depart. This is where discernment is necessary. Gather background information about any unusual occurrences that have taken place: who lived there prior and what they did, if that information is available.
  • Based on what you have learned, speak specific commands for evil spirits that may be attached to such occurrences and    activities to “be evicted and depart, in Jesus’ name.” Example: If the previous owners fought a lot and divorced, bind and evict the spirit of division, anger, and unforgiveness.  
  • Pray the hedge of God’s protection around the perimeter of the entire property and that all “gaps” be closed. (Ezekiel 22:30)  
  • Pray that God would bless the home. Then pray and dedicate the home to Him.   
  • Gather the homeowners/family and pray over them for wisdom, protection, unity, blessing, favor, and discernment with the laying on of hands. Be open to pray for other things as the Lord leads.


  • Sometimes food and refreshments are provided. If possible stay to mingle for a little while. It is a warm and effective way to seal your time together. However, be careful not to stay too long. About 15-30 minutes maximum is appropriate so the family can return to their schedule and regain their privacy.   
  • Sometimes a monetary honorarium is also given. If it is given in your name, be blessed! If it is given to the church, just forward the gift to the church office.