Fall Discipleship Summit 2017


Discipleship is relationship, and this happens as we do “life on life” with the people we are reaching out to and raising up in leadership. In our groups, we need to have a blend of believers, pre-believers, and seekers in order to maintain health. Groups tend to remain stuck if it’s consistently the same people. As leaders, we need to be a model to our groups of what we want them to live out.


Discussion Questions on Discipleship:


  • Who is one person you are currently reaching out to?

  • What are you doing consistently within your week to reach out to them?

Grace Group:

  • What’s the mix of individuals in your group? Do you have a blend of believers, pre-believers, and seekers?

  • How is the group growing in discipleship?

  • What are you doing to encourage your group to reach out to others?


As we do “life on life,” our groups will begin to grow. That means we need to develop leaders to sustain the growth. Raising leaders takes F.A.I.T.H. We need to find people who are Faithful, Available, Involved, Teachable, and Hungry.

Discussion Questions on Leadership:

  • Who is one person you are raising up into leadership?

  • Which of the F.A.I.T.H. qualities do they possess? What do they need to develop?

  • How are you giving this person opportunities to grow in their leadership?

Prayer Points:

  • For the Holy Spirit to move on the names you wrote on your 5x5 Prayer Card. Pray for their hearts to be softened and for them to receive Christ.

  • For new leaders to rise up and begin new Grace Groups that are focused on reaching out to new individuals, groups, and areas of influence.


Important Communications:

Revamped Discipleship Process

  • Growth Track: Designed to establish seekers and guests to become believers in their faith. This class is a series of four steps that happens every Sunday, that equip you to follow Jesus, connect to the church, discover your purpose and serve others. A person can begin at any step.

  • Discipleship Track: Designed for believers to become equipped disciples. This class is a series of four weeks that have separate cycles on Wednesday and Thursday every other month. It is highly encouraged for Grace Groups to take this track together, and to attend each class consecutively from the beginning.

  • How to Register: Those who want to take either track can do so by registering at Pearlside.org or our Pearlside App. For the Growth Track, you can also TEXT NEXT to (808) 427-0034 or walk in.