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Why Small Groups?

Why Small Groups?


Why Small Groups?

Relationship. Fellowship. Accountability. Community. These are often a few of the words we use when describing the essence of small groups. As true as they all may be, these words don’t fully describe why we build our church with small groups.

The Real Reason.

...the main reason why we do small groups is simple: DISCIPLESHIP.

Although there are variety of outcomes from it, the main reason why we do small groups is simple: DISCIPLESHIP. That’s right, discipleship. Small groups are the best environments for discipleship to happen. As far as we know, there isn’t any better way to make disciples. If there was a better way to make disciples, we would ditch small groups and do that. Small groups, when healthy, create an environment for individuals to grow as disciples. And this idea isn’t new, Jesus did it, and we’re just following in His footsteps.


Why is this Important?


With discipleship being the desired outcome for small groups, it allows everything that we initially used to describe it to happen. Relationship, fellowship, accountability and community are all byproducts of discipleship. Think about it. In order to make disciples, you need relationship. Discipleship is relationship. Fellowship and community means that you’re doing life together, an outcome of discipleship. And accountability is needed to go deep and bring about life change. These words all describe the process of discipleship.

Discipleship is relationship.


Think GPS.

When we use our GPS, the first thing that we input is the desired destination. Similar to small groups, the end point is discipleship. The routes to get there can vary from group to group, depending on the individual needs of members. However, these needs cannot supersede the end goal of discipleship. Small groups often get lost or end up at another location if the desired destination is unknown or unclear.


Keep the Main Thing, the Main Thing.

Screen Shot 2017-08-18 at 10.31.49 AM.png

That’s why it’s so essential for us to remember the real reason of groups: discipleship. And not only do we need to keep this in mind, but we need to remind others in the group. Most small groups unintentionally drift away from discipleship and turn it into a social gathering, talking about anything and everything but what we need to grow as disciples. And that is no different than any other friendship circle. So let’s keep discipleship as the main reason why we do small groups.