The Multiplication Challenge

Chapter 3: How to Listen Like A Leader

Key Points:

  • If you want to lead, you need to learn how to listen.

  • We all need mentors and leaders who love us enough to speak the truth in love, and we need to make sure we listen when they speak.

  • All leaders need a group of friends who know and love them enough to speak the truth without worrying about offense.

  • Sometimes abandoning the voice of our followers is a bad idea, especially when those followers have more experience than we do.

  • When the leader listens, the whole team wins. As soon as we learn to listen like a leader, we will immediately start growing like a leader, which will help us rise to the multiplication challenge. 

Discussion Questions:

  • How do you respond when your leaders correct you? How do you respond when your peers/friends correct you? How do you respond to your critics?

  • Have you given anyone permission to speak into your life? Who? If not, make a list of people you will ask to do so.

  • What are the potential benefits and pitfalls of listening to your followers?

  • Do you create the kind of culture where your followers can put their ideas on the table? Do you seriously listen to them?


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