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Key Points

·  Each believer is called to leverage his or her life to spread the gospel. The question is no longer whether we are called, only where and how.

·  Through faith in Christ, we are all priests and ambassadors for Christ. (1 Peter 2:9-11)

·  Every Christian has at least two major callings: The call to use your vocation for the glory of God and the blessing of others; the call to make disciples.

·  Whatever you’re good at, do it well for the glory of God and use it as a bridge over which you can share the gospel. (Matthew 6:33)

·  The Great Commission is not a calling for some; it is a mandate for all. Becoming a disciple of Jesus means evaluating your passions and talents in terms of how you can best use them to further His kingdom


Discussion Questions

·  What are some potential barriers (i.e. attitude, mindsets, persecution, tensions, etc.) that prevent you and your Grace Group members from honoring God in their work place or in their people groups (sports teams, hobbies, organizations)?

·  What is your current vocation or people group and how are you currently doing in using that as a platform to glorify God and bless others? Share the reasons why it has been fruitful or difficult.



·  Take time to identify one person at your vocation in your people group that you can share God’s love with. Pray for God to move in that person’s life and also in the work place/people group itself.

·  At your next Grace Group, discuss with your members the importance of seeing their jobs, gifts, and talents as a platform to glorify God and bless others. Walk them through identifying one person they can bless and share God’s love with, while also begin praying for God to move in their working places and/or people groups they are a part of.


Prayer Targets

·  Pray for the needs of one another.

·  Pray for your groups to remain focused on making disciples and sending disciples.

·  Pray for favor and open doors for our groups to build relationships with the lost and then for their salvation.


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