What is a Grace Group? 

  • A Grace Group consists of a minimum of four Christians and seekers led by an empowered and equipped Leader.   
  • During a weekly Grace Group meeting, members share their life victories and challenges, go through the discussion guide, encourage one another to reach out, and pray for members’ needs and requests.   
  • Members are encouraged to complete GBCP’s Grow Through G.R.A.C.E. equipping classes to further their spiritual growth.

What is the main goal of a Grace Group? 

  • To make disciples who grow (Great Commandment) and go (Great Commission)   
  • The goal of each Grace Group is to reach the unreached, make disciples, and reproduce     another Grace Group. This is done by equipping Apprentices, as well as launching H.O.S.T. Gatherings.

What is a disciple? 

  • The Greek word (original language of the New Testament) for disciple is mathetes, which means follower and student of a master with the goal of becoming like the master.

What is discipleship? 

  • Discipleship is an ongoing journey in relationship with Jesus with the goal of becoming more like Him and reaching the world with His Gospel.   
  • Discipleship involves three key relationships:    
    • Relationship with God     
    • Relationship with other Christians       
    • Relationship with the unreached

What are other goals of a Grace Group? 

  • To reach the unreached, establish believers, equip disciples, and empower to influence   
  • To encourage and stimulate discipleship by processing life through the truth and application of God’s Word
  • To connect God’s power to people’s purpose, passion, plans, and problems through prayer •  
  • To be an extension of God’s love by serving the community

How do I start a Grace Group? 

  • Determine what kind of a Grace Group to start. Remember: “Birds of a feather flock together.” People connect best around:    
    • Common needs (e.g., single moms, young moms)      
    • Common interests (e.g., diving, fishing, coaches, sports)    
    • Common age groups (e.g., high school, college, young adults)     
    • Common experiences (e.g., divorce, drug abuse)   
  • Value the homogenous principle, especially as it concerns gender. It leads to more transparency, deeper sharing, safer interaction, and more effective evangelism.
  • Establish the Leader, Apprentice, and Assistant to form a foundational tripod.   
  • Have each person in this core assemble a list of best potential prospects to reach and come together to pray over these names for a predetermined period of time (one month is often suggested).   
  • Connect personally with those whom the Lord prompts to build bridges of relationship. Begin by first inviting them into your life.  
  • Invite those who seem most open to the Grace Group. Invite people by emphasizing the opportunity to meet people, not just to attend a meeting. The emphasis is on the people and the relationships, not the meeting. People want relationship.   
  • Invite those outside of the church, those who used to come to church, and those inside the church.   
  • Be open to meet anytime and anywhere that is best for the Grace Group and those the Grace Group is reaching out to.


  1. What information, insights, or challenges regarding Grace Groups stood out to you? Why?  
  2. What are some important experiences that shaped you and are currently shaping you as a disciple? What could you do to help others have similar experiences?   
  3. What other questions do you have regarding Grace Group?