- DAY 24 -
Jesus Meets Us Where We Are

Read: Luke 24

Have you ever felt like God let you down? Extreme disappointment can make us bitter and reluctant to hope for anything again. Proverbs 13:12 says when we hope for something that doesn't come through, our hearts become sick.

Jesus’ followers knew this feeling all too well. They thought Jesus came to save them, but after watching Him die their hearts were overwhelmed with grief. As they walked the road to Emmaus discussing their hopelessness, Jesus approached them. Can you imagine how much Jesus longed to reveal Himself and restore their hope? Although He wanted the men to know they could place their hope in Him, Jesus waited to reveal His identity until they urged Him to stay with them longer.

Notice Jesus only acted like He was going to leave them. He was never planning to abandon the believers and leave them disappointed. It is true that Jesus can, and does, work in our lives without waiting for us to ask Him to work. However, He will often wait to reveal Himself until we faithfully seek Him with all our hearts.

It can be difficult to move toward God when it looks like He hasn't come through for us yet. But while we are waiting on God to work for us, He may be waiting for us to ask for Him. If we are willing to urge Jesus to stay and keep working in our lives, He will reveal that He is worthy of our hope.


‣ We’re all hoping for something. What areas of your life are you asking God to move in?
‣ Think back to a time when you felt abandoned by God but later realized He had been working all along. What did you learn during that season? How has that experience changed your relationship with the Lord?