- DAY 22 -
How To Be The Greatest

Read: Luke 22

Pride is a powerful force, perhaps more destructive than any other. The desire to elevate ourselves above others can drive us to do crazy things like fight with our best friend or cheat at work. We all want glory, credit, and attention from others. As followers of Christ, we can win the battle against pride.

In Luke 22:24, Jesus' disciples argue about which of them is the greatest. Jesus had just served the Lord's Supper where He told them He would suffer and die. But, instead of being upset at their misunderstanding, Jesus calmly taught His disciples the ways of the kingdom, which contrast sharply with the ways of the world. He said that great people in His kingdom are those who serve others and consider themselves the least entitled. They don't lord their authority over others or want a prestigious title to draw attention to themselves.

Jesus, who humbled Himself to become a man and die for us, said to them, “...I am among you as one who serves" (Luke 22:27). Jesus is the one who serves. If we want to be more like Jesus, and if we want to be great in His kingdom, then we need to serve.

Pride is an enemy of serving because it causes us to focus on what we think we deserve rather than how we can serve. Ask Jesus to reveal where pride has crept into your thoughts and actions. Then confess it, and ask Jesus to help you walk in humility every day.

Jesus has all power over pride, and He will change us into servants who do great things in His kingdom.


‣ Where has pride crept into your thoughts and actions? If you are not sure, ask Jesus to reveal it to you.
‣ Who is a trusted person in your life you can confess this pride to and who will help you overcome it?
‣ What is one thing you can do to serve someone today?