- DAY 17 -
Instead Of Being Quick To Blame, Be Quick To Thank

Read: Luke 17

Americans are quick to blame others for our problems. We blame McDonald’s for our obesity. We blame Mountain Dew for our cavities. We blame advertising ploys for the way we mismanage money. We blame our spouses for our unhappy marriages. We’re good at giving others credit when there’s a problem.

Yet when something wonderful happens to us — when a blessing falls into our laps from the Lord — we are sometimes slow to thank God, if we even thank Him at all. Notice that in Luke 17 Jesus healed 10 men but only one came back to give thanks. How often are we just like the nine that walked away? We are often so enamored by the blessing itself that we forget who it came from.

God delights in giving us good gifts. No doubt it brought Jesus much joy to touch the sick, disabled and infirm and watch their ailments disappear. What a rush it would be to experience and witness such miracles!

But consider how it must have hurt Jesus’ heart when those He healed simply walked away, not even considering a word of thanks. Whether it’s a sense of entitlement or simple forgetfulness that stops us from showing gratitude, the result is the same.


‣ Have you ever prayed for something for years then when it happened, you never stopped to consider God’s role in the miracle? It’s not too late to stop and say thank you!
‣ Take a look around you, wherever you’re reading this. What are some of the blessings you take for granted every single day? What can you thank Jesus for today?