- DAY 15 -
Where To Turn When You Feel Lost

Read: Luke 15

There are so many ways to get lost. Sometimes we think we know where we're going, but we end up on the wrong side of town altogether. Other times we're aware of our navigational deficiencies, but proudly and silently proceed, hoping no one notices. There's something about the challenge of finding your own way that wrongly appeals to pride.

The parables in Luke 15 portray situations where the person or item in trouble had no way of solving the problem. Sheep are foolish animals that follow the cravings of their bellies; they don't know how to tell the difference between what's best for them and what will harm them. Inanimate objects like coins may not be in harm's way when they go astray, but money is of no value if it disap- pears. Its entire purpose for existing is thwarted. Both of these examples are like our accidental, careless wanderings away from Christ.

In the third situation Jesus describes, the lost son is intentionally walking away from his father. The son's prideful pursuit of sin destroyed him. Though he finally became aware of the error of his ways, he was helpless to change his desperate situation.

There are so many beautiful truths woven into these stories. The owner knows the true value of the lost thing and is always looking for it. Even with the lost son, who belligerently sought his own way, the father's eyes stayed on the horizon, watching for his return. Luke 15:20 says, “...while he was still a long way off, his father saw him...” And there's always a celebration when the lost is found. Whether our path away from Him has been gradual or immediate, accidental or intentional, He always welcomes us back with rejoicing and blessing.


‣ Was there a time in your life where you felt closer to Jesus than you do right now?
‣ What event led you closer to or further from Jesus?
‣ What is one step you can take to walk closer to Jesus today?